Welcome To My Bloggedy Blog

Hey world! Some of you know me in real life, others stumbled upon my words through social media, and maybe some of you are just creepy stalkers. No judgment, we’re all friends here. This last year has been a wild and crazy ride and so much has happened to me along this journey. Another year full of adventures and crazy stories has led me to create a blog as a creative outlet for all my blabber-mouthing. Here I come 2018, setting and smashing all the goals!

So maybe you’re wondering what I’m going to write about? Honestly, probably everything. Somewhere over the last few years I started worrying not only what people would think of me outwardly, but also what people would think about my thoughts and feelings. I got a little scurrrred to open up, mostly for fear that I would be shut down for my ideas and opinions. So here I am internet- expressing my deepest, darkest, most vulnerable side for all of you to criticize. The only thing that has changed over the last few years is the amount of f***s I give about what people think of me. Whew, that was hard to type. Honestly, that’s not totally true. I still care, but I’m pretending not to in order to strengthen my own mental health – shhhhh!!

When I say everything, I really do mean it. I’m a Jill of all trades, as some would say. I’m spiritual, intuition-driven and a total freak. Let your freak flag fly! Some of my biggest interests include dogs, behavioralism, nature, gardening, hiking, herbalism, health, fitness, yoga, weightlifting, vegetarianism, anarchy, quilting, meditation & holistic medicine to name a few. Did you make it through that whole list without getting distracted by something way more forward on your brain burner? It’s okay, I forgive you. We can’t all be altruistic :p

Welcome to my cosmic spirit.

I hope you enjoy. xoxo Dee

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